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bulk sms

Our BULK SMS Service delivers text messages directly to mobile subscriber’s handsets. By using Bulk SMS Service, customers get the best possible quality SMS on the market and have the peace of mind that every SMS sent will be delivered in a secure manner and at the right time.

Two way SMS

Two way SMS Services are numbers or mobile numbers that are significantly shorter than regular mobile numbers where as the long code is jus a GSM number. Short codes are used for premium (revenue generating) and non-premium (non-revenue) services. For premium short code services, the rate is fixed on mutual interest and the operator charges the user for the messages and shares the revenue with the content owner. With a dedicated number you can have unlimited keywords or responses. Using premium SMS, we can offer your company enhanced revenue streams and partially, or even fully, self funding marketing campaigns.

API for SMS Pull (MO)

Email to SMS
SMS to Email


  • SMS to Radio.
  • SMS Contest.
  • Information on demand.
  • Two way SMS.
  • Revenue generated SMS campaign.
  • SMS surveys for real time results.
  • Business / Customer lead generation.
sms integration

Our APIs are fast, simple and designed to provide an effective method of integrating websites and software for both SMS Push (MT) and PULL (MO) with our SMART SMS platform. SMART SMS Gateway supports XML API /HTTP/HTTPs and SOAP API.

smart sms gateway

SMART SMS Gateway is a robust and highly scalable service platform developed using industry standerd smppprotocol while retaining the immediacy and simplicity of the mobile short messaging services sms it provides business with a high quality interface to send and receive sms messages with multilingual( english and arabic ) text .smart sms gate way can be easily intrated through different api ( application programming interface ) into the enterprises back-end infrastructure smart sms gateway enables the ideal communictaion channel to stay connected with your customers clientsor mobile aswellas creating a real time network of relevant information


SMART SMS raffle is a SMS based system in which the traditional raffle system replaced through SMS where the customer is participating through the SMS instead of filling the printed coupon. Apart from the normal system, being centralized database system
the SMART SMS raffle system had got an advantage of conducting the raffles periodically ( Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly etc..) which will enable more people to participate in the raffles in a short span of time without much strain on the activity. The system cut down the cost remarkably.

Why SMS Auction?

Convenient and innovative method. Can participate anytime anywhere through SMS. Additional revenue streams through auction.


SMART SMS provides a unique and innovative platform for businesses to conduct auctions via SMS for a number of products, services etc. Users can take part in the auction by sending SMS with the product code to the short code (eg.4745) and the user immediately gets a update about the top bid value which will give him a chance to bid more. Periodic notifications are sent to all the participants informing them on the status of the auction. A final message is sent to all and a winning message is sent to the winner of the auction by the server, auctions can be set to run starting from hours to days and weeks.

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